Penticton Zoning

What Zone are you in!

Zoning regulations will impact just what is allowed on your lot. By following the links below you will be able to discover how your lot is zoned.

Note: Be sure to use Internet Explorer as your web browser, otherwise Penticton’s website does not respond the way it should! ie: Maps do not come up!

  1. Click on the following link: Penticton Zoning Map
  2. Scroll to bottom of page and Check the box (after agreeing to terms)
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Install the ActiveX control if required. If the control is not already installed, a yellow bar will pop up on the top or bottom of the screen to give you the option to install it.
  5. Locate the Street Name box on the right hand side of the screen and scroll down to your Street Name.
  6. Scroll down to your Street Number.
  7. Click Search.  A map of your property should appear, as well a small box on top right side will have the following information (the box may be in a different area, since it can be moved around):
  • Address
  • Lot # & Plan #
  • Roll #
  • Lot Size
  • Assessed Values for current tax year – Land, Improvements and Total Taxes
  • ZONING – with this designation you can go to Zoning bylaws and find out what is allowed on your property. If you want to build something beyond these zoning regulations you will need to apply to change your lots zoning or attempt to get a variance permit to allow you to move forward.