How Large!

How large does a home need to be. Some perspective:

I grew up in the heart of Regina, I was the second youngest and have 4 brothers and two sisters -so with Mom & Dad there was a total of nine in our home. See attached drawing of Our Home!  -click on highlighted link. The home had a total square footage of 600 sq ft but the porch was not heated so really we lived in 455 square feet. I should maybe add an extra 12 sq feet for the outhouse, as that was well used, and another 66 sq feet for the coal & wood shed out back!

I love all my family and we get along, I think, extremely well. It was not a hardship growing up in that small home. I believe those growing up years tempered me for the rest of my life.

I”ve designed, built and lived in mansions compared to that old house, however I need to say that old house was as much a “home” as any of them.

Why am I telling you this??

It is not the size of house that makes a “home” but rather those who dwell within it!